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The VC Platform Global Summit is the largest and most diverse gathering of platform professionals in the venture capital industry each year. Our members participate to establish authentic peer-to-peer networking opportunities and collaborate to build critical solutions. This year, we are welcoming members to Miami for unparalleled peer-to-peer mentorship, candid discussions, and networking.

Last year, we welcomed discussion leaders and participants from top-tier venture funds:



More speakers to be announced closer to the event and listed individuals may be subject to change.
What to Expect


Our Summit is designed to unite the ambitious operators who move the VC industry forward. We convene leaders focused on elevating their firm's platform, operations, marketing, communications, talent, operations, community, BD, and/or IR functions.

Venture capital is not a zero-sum game. We collaborate to drive value and accelerate our performance. At our Summit, participants can expect to discuss the most pressing trends and opportunities in our ecosystem in a supportive environment.

Below is an outline of our schedule (which may be subject to change):


1 - 5 PM


Beat the line and pick up your name badge before the event starts!

5 - 9 PM

Opening Reception:

Powered by Sequoia

DJ Set with Amanda Townsend (Canaan Partners)

Opening Remarks from Annie Shapiro (Inspired Capital), Joshua Goodfield (VC Platform), Keji Mustapha (Partech) + Kyle Holm (Sequoia)


7:30 - 8 AM

Morning Meditation

led by Kremi Arabadjieva (Velocity Coaching)

9:15 - 10 AM

Fireside Chat: Win Every Negotiation & Thrive in Adversity with Scott Walker

Scott Walker is one of the world's most experienced kidnap for random negotiators and will help our members apply those lessons to business.

moderated by Keji Mustapha, Partech

10:45 - 11:15 AM


Use the break to grab a snack and head to your next session! Roundtables will be located on the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 19th floors, so we strongly encourage you to head to your preferred table promptly.



Community Building

  • Building a real community amongst portfolio founders (Bryan Mason, True Ventures)

  • Engaging later-stage companies & founders (Vanessa DiMauro, Georgian)

  • Building impactful mentor communities (Shannon Shroyer, Matchstick Ventures)

  • Unlocking the power of your events (Nour Obeidallah, Primary VC)

  • What sponsors look for when considering your event (Andrew Oddo, HSBC Innovation Banking & Joshua Kempf, AWS)

  • Keep the connection alive post-program (Caitlin Glazebrook, a16z Talent x Opportunity)


Marketing & Comms

  • How to help a portfolio company navigate its first crisis (Natassia Nettleman, WestCap)

  • Insight-driven marketing (James Clark, Molten Ventures)

  • The power of storytelling (Daniel Sherman, Initialized Capital)

  • Turning investment memos into content & LP comms (Alison Berman, Valo Ventures)

  • Aligning your content strategy and creative direction (Brandon Edler, Slauson & Co.)



  • Helping portfolio companies navigate growth (Michael Fass, Outsiders Fund)

  • Founder assessments (Trisha Degg, Jump Capital)

  • How to navigate working with a search firm (Brianna Rizzo, VMG Partners)

  • Compensation chronicles: navigating the magnetism power of money in today's competitive talent marketplace (Calvin Croskey, Sequoia)

  • Scaling through chaos: building and leading teams from 0-1,000 (Dom Jacquesson & Kira Busman, Index Ventures)

12 - 12:15 PM


Snacks & beverages will be served throughout the venue. Use this time to find your next roundtable!


Community Building

  • Measuring the success of events (Lauren Young, Union Square Ventures)

  • Building a community strategy while tactically executing and tracking engagement (Kate Cory, Redesign Health)

  • Early-stage founder community strategy (Liz Cherson, Bain Capital)

  • Creating meaningful events beyond networking & drinks (Claire Walker, Notion)

  • Strategic cross-fund collaboration (Abhishek Lahoti, Highland Europe)

  • Engaging your CEOs (Jennifer Holmstrom, GGV Capital)


Marketing & Comms

  • How to design and execute a content strategy (Elise Brown, Anthemis)

  • How to get portfolio companies 'comms' ready (Annie Shapiro, Inspired Capital)

  • Mastering PR and building a brand (Chris Sisserian, Manta Ray)

  • Marketing + data science to build a measurement programme (Soo Song, World Innovation Lab (WiL))

  • How VC can think of marketing challenges like a growth equity firm (Michaela Balderston, Lead Edge Capital)



  • How to add additional value outside of recruiting (Kris Snodgrass, Norwest Venture Partners)

  • Developing talent amid budget pressures (Tanaz Mody, Lerer Hippeau)

  • Supporting founders during organizational change (Rhys Hughes, GV)

  • Acting as an internal fractional resource (Ripley Hartmeyer, General Catalyst)

  • Guiding founders on first-time hires (Christina Pasanen, GGV Capital)

1 - 2 PM



Sit at a table about your passions or interests outside of work - whether you are an outdoors enthusiast, a Swiftie, or a pet lover!


Early Days in Platform

Designed for those 1-3 years into platform

  • Making the most of your first year in platform (Julia Baird, Golden Ventures)

  • Building a platform function from scratch (Jenna Pilgrim, CoinFund) 

  • Making an impact as a team of one (Allie Mullen, Wireframe Ventures) 


Levelling Up in Platform

Designed for those 8+ years into platform

  • Operating on Boards as a platform leader (Brianna Rizzo, VMG Partners, Crista Bailey, HimForHer, & Jindra Zitek, Stripes)

  • Moving into the investor role (Saydeah Howard, Cherryrock Capital)

  • Telling the story of your ROI (Carolina Küng, Bessemer Venture Partners & Keji Mustapha, Partech)

  • Start thinking like a COO (Julie Bell, Emerging Capital)

2:45 - 3 PM


3:45 - 4 PM


8 - 9:15 AM


Powered by Zendesk

Welcome Address with Arabella Reeves and Joshua Goodfield (VC Platform)

The registration Info Deck opens at 8 AM

10 - 10:45 AM

Peer Connect

Small peer mentorship and support groups built to connect participants based on tenure, fund size, functional expertise, geography, and other useful connection points.

facilitated by Edward Sullivan, Velocity Coaching

11:15 AM - 12 PM

Curated Roundtables: Tracks

Expert-led tables to collaborate and discuss the most frequently repeated topic requested by Summit registrants.

Session details can be found on-site or in the app


BD, GTM, & Partnerships

  • From $1M to $100M in revenue: the common mistakes (Stephen Millard, Notion)

  • Helping portfolio companies scale through partnerships (Stephanie Perez, Fin Capital)

  • When and how should we approach conversations around M&A (Allen Duan, B Capital)

  • Tracking BD introductions (Anahita Daghoghi, Centana Growth Partners & Henry Trapnell, F-Prime Capital)

  • Using case studies to showcase value creation (Domenic Perri, Vertex)


Operations & Tech Stack

  • Effective change management strategies (Ashley Howes, Outsiders Fund) 

  • Implementing a tracking system for your portfolio (Kiran Arokiasamy, Bessemer Venture Partners)

  • Building a unique platform strategy suited to your founders (Cuco Vega, Leap Global Partners)

  • Designing an onboarding system for new portfolio companies (Ambi Mistry, Phoenix Court Group)

  • How can you measure the ROI of your tech stack? (Moustafa ElBialy, Kleiner Perkins)


Investor Relations

  • How platform leaders can work with LPs: fundraising, AGMs, & communications (Ava Alemazkoor, Recast Capital & Margaret Luna, Next Legacy Partners)

12:15 - 1 PM

Curated Roundtables: Tracks

A second version of the previous roundtables with slightly refreshed topics & new facilitators.

Session details can be found on-site or in the app

Community Building & Events: 3rd Floor

BD, GTM, Partnerships: 3rd Floor

Marketing & Comms: 4th & 5th Floor

Operations & Tech Stack: 19th Floor

Talent: 19th Floor


BD, GTM, & Partnerships

  • Channel development and partner programs/ecosystem (Laura Padilla, Sapphire Ventures)

  • Activating partnerships with Big Tech companies (Stanley Onyimba, Capital G)

  • Corporate engagement and what that looks like throughout the year (Shanna Hendriks, NEA)

  • Helping companies navigate M&A, fundraising, and IPO readiness (Alex Tumarinson, Diversis Capital & Michael Labriola, Wilson Sonsini)

  • Ampliphy your portfolio in ways money just can't buy (Hila Tsaphrir, Aleph)


Operations & Tech Stack

  • Tracking portfolio support progress and results (qualitative and quantitative) via a solid tech stack (David Erhun, XAnge)

  • Building a strategy for your firm with a lean team (Lisa Costello, Prologis)

  • Methodologies for maintaining team alignment and supporting a growing portfolio (Gita Kler, AlbionVC)

  • Building community with data (Anna Jacobson, Operators Collective)

  • How to quantify your impact (Dale Chang, Scale Venture Partners)


Investor Relations

  • How platform leaders can help with follow-on funding (John Eng, Right Side Capital Management & Nick Graziano, Sands Capital)

2 - 2:45 PM

Curated Roundtables: Tenure

Expert-led groups based on your experience in the industry to build solutions and receive peer support in the most critical areas of the platform journey.

Session details can be found on-site or in the app


Scaling Your Platform

Designed for those 4-7 years into platform

  • Managing up to fund leadership (Mandy Yoh, Distributed Ventures)

  • How to uplevel yourself and command influence as a platform leader (Erica Amatori, Left Lane Capital)

  • Automating your responsibilities to free your time (Faris Karaborni, Point72 Private Investments)

  • Ways to more effectively communicate with your executive team (Sarah Blanchard, Craft Ventures)

  • Managing multiple hats with KPIs or OKRs (Yael Eckstein, StageOne Ventures)

  • Balancing investing and platform roles (Tony Wan, Reach Capital)

  • How to avoid feeling stuck in your role (Matt Cynamon, Union Square Ventures)

  • Building a more specialized Platform 2.0: doubling down on your area of expertise (Oliver Fitz-Gibbon, InMotion Ventures)

  • Mechanisms to successfully engage your community (Isabelle Audette, Inovia Capital)

  • Growing your platform adjacently with fund growth (Maddie Callander, Boost VC)

  • Leveraging your platform skills for whatever comes next (Laurel Woerner, platform consultant & Joyce Chen, Mercury)

  • Zeroing in on what your true value should be (Lily Zarrella, Innospark Ventures)

3 - 3:45 PM

Common Challenges: Powered by Wilson Sonsini

  • Help! My community is feeling stale (Kalee Gardella, Founders Circle Capital)

  • Help! How do I help my companies go global (Blake Wells, GIC & Daniel Glazer, Wilson Sonsini)

  • Help! I'm trying to get better at setting boundaries (Edward Sullivan, Velocity Coaching)

  • Help! I have too many hats! (Devin Nash, Underscore VC & Stephanie Rich, Bread and Butter Ventures)

  • Help! My founders are too busy for me (Troy Cosey, Kapor Center)

  • Help! I'm trying to build an empire with a small budget (Caroline Caswell, Operator Collective)

  • Help! I want to help scale the leadership teams I work with (Matt Blumberg, Bolster) 

  • Help! I want to support my founders' fundraise (Sarah Miers, NFX)

  • Help! Everyone wants my time, how do I prioritize and find my focus? (Yaara Kassner, Vertex Ventures Israel)

  • Help! How do I build a customer network? (Paulina Karpis, B Capital)

  • Help! I have to produce thought leadership but no one has any thoughts (Lorraine Sanders, Alpaca VC)

  • Help! I'm starting from scratch but I need to show proposals back by data (Ayla Schlosser, F-Prime Capital)

  • Help! How do I build alignment between investor goals and platform services? (Marilu Livermore, Founders Circle Capital)

  • Help! How do I measure what matters (beyond the generic metrics) (Ben Joffe, SOSV)

  • Help! I've been tasked with talent but I don't know where to begin (Jim Conti, Hyde Park Venture Partners & Katie Birge, M25)

  • Help! How to be self-congratulatory without being self-congratulatory (Erica Marom, Aleph)

4 - 5:30 PM

Lightning Talks

A VC Platform community tradition! 5-minute "lightning" fast talks on the tricks and tools most relevant to our community.

Community, BD, & Networks: Met Ballroom

Marketing & Comms: Plaza 4 & 5

Talent & HR: 19th Floor

7 PM - late


A series of community-hosted private dinners around Miami where attendees have a reserved spot at a thematic dinner with their peers.

This is followed by an informal after party at Boloud Sud (at the JW Marriott Marquis after the dinners!


8 - 9 AM


10:25 - 10:45 AM


11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Lunch: Building Your Advisory Network

with Carolina Küng (Bessemer Venture Partners)

12:30 - 1:15 PM

The Future of Relationship Tools

with Brian Burke (Cabal), Evan Walden (Getro), Ray Zhou (Affinity), Cammy Keiler (Atlas by Hunt Club) and Aaron Bartel (Harmonic AI), moderated by Cory Bolotsky

9 - 10:25 AM

All About AI

Introduction to the shift towards AI & leveraging your day-to-day operations (Cliff Worley, Kapor Capital)

What you need to know being using AI tools in your business (Adam Shevell, Wilson Sonsini)

Gen-AI applications for founders & VC teams (Kate Lowry, Insight Partners)

Responsible AI: assessing & supporting portfolio companies (Leah Morris, Radical Ventures)

AI in practice: Using AI to do the job of three people (Sointu Karjalainen, FOV Ventures)

10:45 - 11:30 AM

Hot Topic Roundtables

CVCs: Maximizing benefits for the portfolio and your parent company (Sahil Segal, Toyota Ventures)

Founder retreats: intimate but epic

Emerging markets: building a platform that bridges the gap to fuel success (Mal Filipowska, Seedstars & Sanjay Nath, Blume Ventures)

Founder wellbeing: why it should be a priority (Amira Ouji, Rise of the Rest Seed Fund)

ESG: Impact tracking using a quantitative framework (Sophie Vaughan, ArcTern Ventures)

Media handling strategies (Katy Sexton-Darby, Verlinvest)

Doing something different in platform (Katie Mulligan, Pillar VC)

Is DEI at risk? (Krista Skalde, Inovia Capital)

Operator networks + origination - engaging angels (Lauren Apostolidis, AlbionVC)

Keeping your LPs engaged (Jolynn Vallejo, Kapor Capital)

Corporate-startup collaboration (Madelyn Rutter, TechNexus Venture Collaborative)

Understanding VC Platform's Compensation Survey (Cory Bolotsky)

1:15 - 1:45 PM

Career Progression: Pathway to Partner


with Stephen Millard (Notion), Jonathan Metrick (Sagard), Allison Braley (Bain Capital Ventures), Brunna Zogbi (Caravela Capital), moderated by Kate Aronowitz (GV)

1:45 - 2 PM

Closing Remarks


with Annie Shapiro (Inspired Capital), Joshua Goodfield (VC Platform), Keji Mustapha (Partech)



Untitled design (22).png


Do I have to be a member of the community to attend?

Yes, this is a members-only event. Apply here to be considered. Membership is only available to individuals who meet our community criteria and are current full-time members of a venture capital firm in a platform-focused role. Interns, part-time employees, and investment-focused professionals are not eligible for membership in the community or to attend the Summit.

Will this event be held virtually?

As we adapt to survey feedback from last year, our community wants more smaller, curated discussion sessions and less larger panels. We therefore are not planning to offer a robust virtual program option. The ideal experience is to join in person. We will do our best to capture some highlights and learnings at the program but there will not be a full virtual package at this time. 

What is the agenda for the Summit?

The agenda is crowd-sourced and therefore will be developed in early 2024. We will circulate and publish the agenda as soon as a critical mass of applicants are registered and the program priorities are established. The agenda from last year can be found above to get a sense of what we prioritize.

Where is the event taking place?

The main event will take place at the JW Marriott Marquis. Other components of the event such as side events or an afterparty may take place in other parts of Miami.

Can I be a speaker at the Summit?

The number of speaker requests we receive always exceeds the number of speaking slots we have available. In the registration process, you can highlight your desire to speak and also share details about your area of expertise. We also crowd-source our agenda and determine topics based on strong member interest and therefore we will reach out to you if we think you are well suited for a topic.

What is the cost of attending the Summit?

The cost of attending the Summit is $549 to $749. Fund AUM determines one's ticket price. Discounted early-bird tickets were previously available but are now sold out.

What is your cancellation or refund policy?

No fee will be charged for canceling your attendance. We do not offer refunds on purchased tickets. For extenuating circumstances (such as COVID-19), please email our team at and we can work towards a solution. All hotel bookings are subject to their own policies.

What does my ticket include?

Onsite tickets will give you access to all parts of the Summit including all meals and drinks. Attendees are responsible for their own travel and accommodation costs.

My colleague wants to attend instead of me, can I transfer my ticket?

The Summit is open to anyone who is a current member of the VC Platform community. If your colleague is not a member, please have them apply to join the community so that they can attend. Membership is only available to individuals who meet our community criteria.

Can I host a side event at the Summit?

If you're interested in hosting a side event or informal gathering during the Summit, we ask that you please inform us first by email ( Events hosted in partnership with or by external companies or service providers are strictly prohibited and any violations will be penalized by the community. Individually or firm hosted events are okay but we ask that you seek approval first. Please be transparent and ask first as we will find out about side-events and want to ensure they don't conflict with other events already planned and are not in violation of our community's sponsor commitments.

Are there discounts or scholarships available for tickets?

We do not have any discounts available. Our goal is that all attendees will have the cost of the ticket covered by your firm given the value of the content, learning and networking you'll get at the Summit and the return it will produce for your firm. If your firm is unable or unwilling to cover the ticket's cost, please reach out to We do have some scholarships available to ensure that as many people can participate as possible, regardless of cost.

I have other questions that weren't answered!

Email us at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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